Back to School Season

It is never too early to start talking about the kids heading back to school! Between school supplies, backpacks, doctor’s appointments, extra-curricular activities, homework, and school clothes shopping, we have a lot to think about this time of year as parents. We here at Pepperell Chiropractic feel that there is nothing more important for a child’s well-being than their health! Without health, we suffer in every aspect of life.  So here are several ways you can boost your child’s well-being.

  1. Posture-Teach your child the importance of posture. Children spend the majority of their time sitting at school and poor posture can lead to a whole slew of health issues. Sitting up straight with their feet flat on the floor will support proper posture while at school. Also making sure that they have a designated space at home to do homework will support proper posture at home. Be conscious of the ergonomics of their books and electronics while doing homework. Making sure that their computer screen, tablet or book is at eye level will also encourage your child to sit up straight with shoulders back.
  2. Backpacks-Backpacks that are over stuffed and incorrectly worn or packed can result in serious injury especially affecting your child’s developing spine. Here is a link to a post we did previously on how to pack and wear your backpack properly. Pepperell Chiropractic Facebook
  3. Proper footwear-Imbalance in the feet leads to stress and misalignment in the feet, knees, hips, and spine. Such imbalance when left untreated can eventually affect the shoulders and posture. Look for a shoe that has good arch support which will keep the ankles from rolling inwards. Also, a shoe with good traction is helpful.
  4. Nutrition-Have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat?” Just changing a child’s food choices to more well balanced, whole foods can improve their health greatly. Studies have repeatedly shown that a direct link exists between nutrition and the ability to learn and a child’s behavior. First off, skipping breakfast is never an option! Offer your child whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, water, nuts, raw dairy, and organic protein throughout the day. Avoid as much processed/prepackaged foods and soda/juices as you can. Do you think your child’s diet is pretty good but want to step it up a notch? Then aim for offering as many organic/GMO free options as possible. Switch all meats to grass-fed and organic and avoid as many foods as possible that contain corn and soy.
  5. Sleeping habits-To be able to thrive, we must sleep! During sleep, our body recovers and restores itself from the stressors it experienced that day. Not enough emphasis on the importance of sleep can be stressed. Try not to over schedule your child during the day and have a set time to sleep each night. A lack of sleep can negatively affect the immune system and cognitive function. A routine sleep schedule is imperative to good health!
  6. Regular chiropractic care!!-Regular chiropractic visits have proven to boost the immune system. Regular adjustments also support the bone structure and the nervous system throughout the growth of childhood. Here is another link to a post we did awhile back on why regular chiropractic care is imperative to a child’s health. Pepperell Chiropractic Facebook


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